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Primo Ramdisk Server Edition icon Create a virtual drive using the available RAM on the system in order to increase the read and write speeds for important information

RAM is an important part of a computer system as it stores the loaded programs and allows reading and writing the data at amazing speeds. The only drawback is its volatility, which does not permit storing data if the power is interrupted.

Nevertheless, this sort of storage can be used for storing information that needs to be accessed at very fast rates for temporary periods of time.

Primo Ramdisk Server Edition has been designed to serve this purpose and thus significantly speed up the overall performance of the computer.

Check the all the virtual disks in a glance

The installation procedure is fast and with no unwanted events. Looks are simple and the main application window shows a list of the currently available RAM disks, complete with details about them, such as the storage capacity, file system, label, volume letter and the current health status.

Creating such a disk is a guided operation that takes the user through every step of the task. Apart from specifying the size of the disk there is also the possibility to define its type: SCSI or direct I/O disk.

The storage space created by the application does not necessarily have to be entirely volatile (RAM disk); it can also be a hybrid that combines the physical and RAM storage.

Customize the disk with folders and a serial number

Additional options for creating a disk include defining the file system and the cluster size as well as adding a custom serial number and creating some folders. Moreover, there is the possibility to associate an image file with the virtual storage device that can be used to load or store data.

At the end of the configuration the wizard presents all the details related to the storage area, allowing the retrace of the steps in order to make adjustments.

Easy to use virtual disk creator and manager

Primo Ramdisk does not take long to get adjusted to and learn the ropes for creating a RAM disk. The guiding wizard takes the user through the necessary steps and there is sufficient documentation available for a beginner user to get acquainted with what the application can do for them.

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Primo Ramdisk Server Edition was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
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Primo Ramdisk Server Edition 6.1.0

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