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JSON Editor icon Streamlined and full-featured JSON editor macOS app that makes it simple and quick to view, edit and format any JSON document using a Mac

JSON Editor is a straightforward and lightweight macOS development utility designed to help its users to read, modify and validate JSON documents using a Mac.

Built-in and simple to use HTTP client with support for multiple types of requests

Furthermore, the JSON Editor comes with a HTTP client utility that will make it very easy to run a large variety of HTTP requests for a domain of your choice.

Thus, although its main objective is to help developers to download JSON formatted content from web servers, this HTTP client can also be used to perform other types of requests, such as PUT, GET, POST, HEAD and DELETE.

The JSON Editor app is a must-have tool if you have to manage JSON documents on a daily basis. Using it, you will be able to quickly view JSON files, validate their contents in order to find any possibly errors and alter them according to your needs.

Streamlined interface for effortlessly manipulating property list (plist) files with the help of a large selection of state of the art JSON editing features

Because it is an macOS application, JSON Editor has been designed to support importing plist (property list) documents, an absolutely necessary feature for OS X and iOS developers. Once the plist file has been modified, you can use JSON Editor again to export it, for usage within your Objective-C apps.

In addition, while editing your JSON files you will be able to benefit from advanced features such as auto-indentation, line numbering and syntax coloring, all of them implemented to make it a lot easier to manage JSON content on a Mac.

Comprehensive JSON editing tool that preserves your JSON data’s original format

Validating your JSON documents is also a simple task when using JSON Editor in view of the fact that it will automatically highlight all the errors found during the checking process, as well as add a detailed description for each of them for quicker debugging.

As an added bonus, JSON Editor will detect if the JSON document you imported is in minified or human readable format, and will make sure that this format is preserved, even if you choose to edit the JSON content in tree mode.

JSON editor JSON validator JSON viewer JSON Validator Checker Editor

JSON Editor was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan on Mar 16th, 2017

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JSON Editor 1.24

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