Samsung wants to make the cheapest model really… cheap

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The 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S9
   The 5.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 is projected to come with three different configurations, and the base version is expected to undergo a cost-saving program that would eventually lead to the removal of several top features.

For example, it’s believed the cheapest Galaxy S10 won’t feature a dual-camera configuration, but only a single lens on the back, while also retaining the 5.8-inch OLED screen from its direct predecessor.

The improvements on the rest of the lineup are impressive, to say the least, as Samsung wants the top-of-the-range model to come with a triple-camera setup on the back.

MicroSD card support for more storage

And according to a new report, this base version of the Galaxy S10 would also come with just 64GB internal storage, as Samsung works hard to make this device as affordable as possible. This configuration could serve as the iPhone XR of the Galaxy S10, if you wish, and the South Korean firm believes that it could help boost adoption of the new lineup thanks to a lower price.

However, other storage versions are also planned, and the same model could also come with 128GB storage. The model number of this device is likely to be SM-G970x. The other two more expensive siblings should come with at least 128GB storage, like the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung is projected to take the wraps off the new Galaxy S model in early 2019, and people close to the matter said the company is planning an earlier than anticipated release.

This means the device could see daylight in late January or early February, as Samsung wants to bring a new model to the market to counter the growth of the iPhone. This is something that the South Korean company has tried to do for the past few generations of products as it tries to keep its model lineup refreshed with new technologies.

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